5 Resume Tips That Will Make Employers Crazy to Hire You

5 Resume Tips That Will Make Employers Crazy to Hire You

2017 is here and the year is proving to be more competitive than anything seen before. Getting the right job has never been more difficult and finding any job is not the preferred solution. But in the ever changing world we live in, how you project yourself is one of the key factors.

The first part of you that your potential employer sees is your resume. The two page document you draft says “This is who I am”, and if you’re applying to a company like Meta Data it’ll be screened very meticulously.

A recent study shows that a lot of people who objectively would be suited for a role were marked unfit based on a poorly constructed resume.

It made sense for us to compile a list of dos and don’ts when constructing the ideal resume, especially for those looking forward to building META DATA Careers. This counts for those who are making new resumes as well as those updating theirs.

  1. Keep It to the Point: Keep the resume short and concise. Most resumes that stand out are one or two pages. Nobody wants to hear your life story – they just want to know what you can do for them. Tailor your resume to your employer and his needs. It’s the best way to present yourself and shows that you know their needs.
  2. Make a Big First Impression: Keep the best of your resume in the first half. This sets the basis of your prospective employer’s perspective of you and makes them more likely to browse over more irrelevant or weak points. An employer like Meta Data is usually very stringent on filtering the right candidates, so if you fail to make the right first impression, then your chances of getting short-listed might be quite feeble.
  3. Keep It in Reverse Chronology: Always keep your resume in reverse chronological format – from education to work experience. It’s best to list what you were last doing first so that your prospective employer knows where you are coming from.
  4. Consider an Online Supplement: Create a small online website that can tell your story for you in the places where you can’t fit it in your resume. You might also include links to your Facebook and Twitter profiles so that it’s easy for the manager to find out more about you.
  5. Put in Numbers: Numbers help quantify all the things you’ve done before. So, include numbers in your resume that say what you’ve done and how it affected the people in and out of the organization.

Well, that’s it for our top 5 resume writing tips for applying for a job at a company like Meta Data. Here’s a last bit of advice from someone famous – “Finding a Job is a Job”. So, work hard and have fun finding your next step up the ladder!