Assuring Folks Are Treated Fairly Under the Law Is Not Easy

Although the law is designed to always be blind, this is not always the case. For instance, during a modern court case in Georgia, an all-white jury determined a dark-colored guy liable for a killing. The U.S. Supreme Court grew to become involved with the case and determined that prosecutors prevented African Americans from serving on the jury in his trial. Remarkably, 7 members of the highest courtroom in the land thought there was bias, with Clarence Thomas, the one African American on the court, not agreeing. Thomas observed there was enough information to sustain the decision. Aric Cramer attorney highlighted this example on his Facebook site ( to show that all judges can certainly differ on the very same facet of a court case, bringing about specific individuals getting deemed guilty yet others let out using the same evidence. This should stop being true. Everyone ought to receive fair treatment under the law, and Aric Cramer having a placement on the board of the National Criminal Defense Association allows him to work to make sure that is how it really is. This will likely require alterations be generated, but he is prepared to battle to see these changes enacted. The legal system is often a scary place. When folks may be found liable for a crime they didn’t commit, it becomes even more frightening. This definitely should in no way be the actual way it is within America.