Along with the development of technology in the modern era have resulted in anything that set maximum or technology cultivated on a large scale, where the system manually work slowly began to shift with their increasingly sophisticated technology. Human efforts to bring new breakthroughs in the field of technology is certainly very supportive of the work that initially requires a relatively long time can be resolved with a relatively short time with satisfactory results, although with modern technology expenditures or costs Operations needed to be more and more. Accounting information system is a component of an organization that collect, classify, process, analyze and communicate financial information.

To give a clear picture of the terms of data and information in relation to the provision of information in the field of system problems or accounting information, the following is given the understanding that can be describe by writing discuss the application of information technology systems to the accounting information system. Information technology systems to the accounting information system is useful as supporting the development of accounting information systems. Accounting information is an important part of all the information needed by management. Accounting information is mainly related to the financial data of a company.

MYOB is a bookkeeping application integrates with the number of users in the world apart from Quickbooks and a range of products from Sage Group such as Sage 50 that you can see at Sage 50 support. One of the advantages of MYOB is the ease of operation and intuitive menus, so that even ordinary users can quickly master the basic operating steps very easily and quickly. For Quickbooks installation you can see through QuickBooks Enterprise Support, Although basically every company to process data in the same way but a great little company, type of business and the technology used and the effect of other resources causing the accounting system from one company to the other companies would have been different possibilities. Also you can connect the software to your mobile from QuickBooks Android Apps. With the accounting software is considered quite practical in the implementation of the accounting cycle, but the software must be true – really know how it works for a little alone made a mistake then he should repeat of the early prose work.

Some stages of the processing of data which derive great benefit from the use of computers among others are:

1. Verification
The computer can check the validity and feasibility of the numbers that serve as inputs in a process. For example, checking the truth of the code used, checking the feasibility of rupiah number of transactions and others.

2. Sort
Computers allow to do sorting data into several different classifications quickly. Eg sales invoice collection can be sorted into the classification subscriptions, product type, sales area and so on.

3. Transmission
Computers can move the location of data from one place to another quickly. For example the data of a file moved to other files.

4. Calculation.
With computer calculations can be done quickly. For example calculates the account balance after their posting, count the number of group (batch) transaction and so on.

The benefits of technology to the development of ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS is:

– Data processing easier and faster
– More accurate data processing
– In producing the financial statements as computing becomes more efficient than manually
– Work to be more productive and effective
– Develop job performance.

So the development of technology to support the advancement ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS and its work processes. Air Developments in information technology greatly affects the processing of transactions of a company where the processing is done with tools enabling faster computer speed and efficiency of information is a source of business, use of information technology by the user can be completed in a timely manner.