Five Incredible Benefits of Online Tutoring for Your Child

Five Incredible Benefits of Online Tutoring for Your Child

11Having a child or teen who is struggling in school can be a difficult problem to face alone. Of course parents want what is best for their children and a proper education is a big part of that. Hiring a great tutor is often the smartest choice for students who seem to be in need of further instruction outside of the classroom. There are many ways to find a great tutor, but online services are definitely an option that should be taken heavily into consideration.

Flexible Schedules

One of the most beneficial things that online tutoring can offer is the flexible schedules. Some people may be partial to the idea of person-to-person learning but that doesn’t make scheduling these meetings any easier. It can become difficult to work with a tutor to find the best times for a student to meet with him or her. This requires melding the schedule of the tutor with that of the student. This seems like an almost impossible task which can end up becoming rather costly if you decide to hire an at-home tutor.


An online tutor can provide the student with a much more flexible schedule. Most of these online tutoring services actually allow for 24/7 assistance to the student. This creates an incredibly beneficial situation because the child is able to ask questions whenever a new problem arises. Sometimes a student finds himself or herself discovering new problems that he or she needs help with after a session has ended. When this happens it means that he or she will have to wait until the next scheduled session to find solutions to his or her problems. This can become inefficient and even frustrating for children and teens who are already struggling to learn. With online tutoring there are no such setbacks because there are tutors available to answer these questions and assist the student whenever he or she needs it.

Tailored Learning

The way we approach learning has changed vastly in the last few years. Teachers and professionals are beginning to understand that not every child is the same, which means that each child learns and comprehends information differently. It is important that each student is capable of learning at his or her own pace with his or her own unique comprehension style. With online tutoring there are many more options available to use as teaching tools.

When a student is able to open up his or her computer to communicate with a tutor, it often creates a much more relaxed environment. The teacher can utilise instant messenger, video chatting, file sharing, graphics, and many other options to help the student grasp the material. This allows for the tutor to personalise his or her teaching technique towards what the student feels most comfortable with.

Different Subjects

When you procure the services of a tutor online, it allows for many different subjects to be taught to the student. Instead of parental teaching which can often leave out many subjects, the student gets a full-time tutor to help with whatever he or she needs. The great thing about the online availability is that it doesn’t cost a fortune for the parents. Since the tutor does not have to commute he or she can actually charge much less for his or her services. This allows for direct and efficient learning without the fear of an obscene bill.

It Connects with the Students

Students these days operate mostly online, which makes online tutoring a great way to connect with them. This process is catering to the specific needs of the student and helping to connect with what he or she understands better. Some people are shy and may actually struggle with in-person tutoring. If an individual feels awkward in front of strangers, he or she may end up shutting down and become incapable of comprehending the information he or she is being taught. When a student is able to communicate with his or her teacher through various online avenues, it helps him or her to feel more comfortable and relaxed. He or she no longer feels embarrassed about not understanding something because he or she has a computer screen to hide behind. This helps facilitate a much more trusted and efficient learning space, which will increase the student’s productivity. When your child is capable of communicating with a tutor online, he or she will no longer feel threatened by the situation. It helps him or her gain a sense of confidence, which will help him or her learn much more efficiently.

Time is also a major factor when it comes to in-person tutoring sessions. Students are forced to sit for a full hour after they have already sat in class most of the day. This makes it very difficult for them to actually give their tutor the full attention that he or she needs and deserves. When they are able to contact a tutor for short bursts of time throughout the day, it can help them to feel more relaxed because they are learning at their own pace.

Confidence Building

When your child is able to learn in an entirely new way, it can help to build his or her confidence. Struggling in school can be very difficult for anyone and can cause him or her to feel as if he or she is incapable of succeeding. Hiring a tutor who will be there for your child is going to help him or her grow into a more confident individual. A great tutor will help to build up a student’s confidence and help him or her realise what he or she is capable of.

Even the best classroom teachers simply don’t have the time to cater to the specific needs of every child. Some students find the classroom setting to be a very easy place to learn, but for others it can be challenging. With the right online tutoring the student is capable of reaching his or her full potential. There are no longer setbacks that prevent him or her from moving forward with his or her education. Although there are many benefits to hiring a tutor who can meet with your child in person, there are also some great advantages to online learning. It is important to consider which way will benefit the child the most so that he or she can grow and learn at his or her own speed.