Fruit machines: the losers, the winners and the odds

Fruit machines: the losers, the winners and the odds


Fruit machines have always been popular among people worldwide, especially the UK and the US. Despite the fact that it is impossible to predict the outcome of a game, as it is determined by a random number generator, lots of people still hope to hit the jackpot. Yet every time you play the odds the same.

From the one hand, fruit machines can be compared to a ruse and at times it is just unbelievable that they can be effective at the same time. Of course, it is very effective for those who have created them because the industry is rising and thriving from year to year bringing manufacturers billions of dollars.

They can be found even at such places you would never think of kebab places, pubs, cab offices and of course, casinos. So, whether you want it or not but the temptation is always near, not already talking about online opportunities e.g. funky fruits slot com – one of the most well-known websites with dozens of various fruit machines.

To play or not to play: wins & losses

It is a universal truth that slot machines (especially fruit ones) are not designed or created to bring money. They are the worst bet a person can ever make. Everything is against gambler when he/she plays it: the maths, the science, the logic, the skills, the knowledge and even psychology. Perhaps, that why there have never been large wins. Though, there was one in Australia, in 2011, when a man won $37 million but was said later that it was a technical mistake.

All the manufacturers claim that every fruit machine is set to return 95% of the invested money but when it comes to reality, the payoff is only 70% in pubs, petrol stations and other places where the odds are the worst of all.

Playing these certain gaming machines, one has more chances to lose rather than win as they were created that way. It is even said that if a person plays slots instead of some card game or craps then he/she is the biggest loser of all the players in a casino. Yes, playing slots is the easiest and simplest way that doesn’t require any specific knowledge or skills but at the same time, the chances to lose are the highest.

The odds

As it was aforementioned, the result of the game is determined in advance by some random numbers and no matter when, where and how many times you play a machine the odds are the same. It is the hugest myth ever that if the jackpot was hit, the machine would tighten up and on the contrary. In some way, slots can be even compared to a roulette playing which the odds are the same too. All this is because manufacturers mathematically control the sums of money a machine is to pay out over its lifetime.

Knowing all this information, it is already a matter of personal choice whether to play or not.