Helping Violent Teens Recover Without Prison Time

Helping Violent Teens Recover Without Prison Time

Teens face challenges like peer pressure and conforming to adult’s standards. Here, we discuss challenges and ways to help them recover.


Issues and results

Academic challenges are difficult as your child transfers to high school. Classes are different, teaching styles vary and teens feel pressure from everyone. They are fighting to fit in to the popular groups, says Woodcreek Academy, and that can lead them down the wrong path.

As a result, teens become defiant and begin skipping class and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Smoking, drinking and drug experimentation follow as well as becoming withdrawn from family. Parents face difficult challenges trying to instill authority without losing their child.

Help is closer than you think

Therapeutic wilderness programs offer teen therapy for problems in a wilderness setting. This program is settled in a quiet, serene location and brings them back to one with nature. Some of these programs offer academic studies, as well.

If parents choose wilderness therapy programs early on, their teen will begin to respect authority and themselves. They’ll learn interaction with family while giving the respect they deserve. Therapists help teens and families to bring them together.

Schools for troubled boys are other means of intervention that work well. The schools handle issues with substance abuse, defiance, anger and isolation. Suicide intervention is another issue they strive to prevent.


If you are struggling with a troubled teen, help is a short call away. It is important to intervene now so that your teen doesn’t end up in prison or worse.