Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Visit to Zimbabwe

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome  Visit to Zimbabwe

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian minister of the gospel and the founding leader of the Christ Embassy. This is a Christian ministry that is based on the bible. His church is located in Lagos Nigeria. As a teacher and preacher of the gospel, Chris Oyakhilome has been doing the ministry for about thirty years. Born in Edo Nigeria, Chris Oyakhilome is a Ph.D. holder from Ambrose Ali University holder married to Reverend Anita from Nigeria.

In 2011, Pastor Chris he was evaluated by Forbes to have a net worth of about 50 million. He received the divine calling while still pursuing his studies. This formed the starting point of the church ministry called the Believers Love World commonly known as the Christ Embassy. From this time he has soldiered on and gained followers from all over the world as the church is in five continents.

As a teacher of the gospel, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has written books to reach a wider audience. Through this project, he has written several books which have circulated across the world. For instance, he has written the Rhapsody of realities which became popular with over a million readers. This book has been translated to about 739 languages and the copies have been distributed across the world. Other of his books includes the Healing from Heaven and also the power of your mind. Some of his work is also recorded in DVDs that one can get across the world.

Pastor Chris is called by God to provide guidance to the youth who are going through challenging times. Through his ministry, he adds meaning to the lives of the youths and the hopeless in the society. For this reason. he offers programs like giving meaning to life.

In Christ Embassy ministry, the youth make up to 78%both international and local. This brings hope to the ministry as there is the assurance of having a focused future generation which will lead the church. The church helps to change the lives of millions as it holds several crusades like the Higher Life Conference. There is also the Night of Bliss which took place across several cities in the world. These conferences attract a lot of people and everybody is invited. For instance, a conference held in Nigeria had more than 3.5 million followers.

The church broadcasts its teachings across various channels both on the radio and the TV like the Love World TV which is situated in UK and The Love World SAT that is based in South Africa and lastly the Love World PLUS based in Nigeria.

There will be a grand entrance of Pastor Chris from 2pm at the Harare National Sports stadium on the 7th of May. The event will be on the message from God to the people of Zimbabwe .There will be the glory of God on the nation as praise and worship will be experienced like never before. The event is on the launching of his church global worship service and the entry fee is free.

This is one event that many have been eagerly waiting for since his launch of the Bliss program when he was in South Africa. At this time, he declared that Zimbabwe is not locked out and the event will open up the blessings of the Zimbabwean’s